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romp 2020

the blvd. 2020

copp(her) 2019

the sheen 2019

Suite Rachmaninoff 2018 35 mins

commissioned by Texture Contemporary Ballet

   conjuring MAEJHH 2018 9min

created during the Emerging Artist Residency through Periapsis Music and Dance

maskewlin pt. 1 2018 9min

commissioned by Dance Canvas

ISHbox Maria 2017 11:30min

created during Terra Nova Choreographic Residency

how the Quiet won 2016 15m

hypno 2015 6:11min

commissioned by Texture Contemporary Ballet

Smorgasbord 2014 45min

commissioned by REED DANCE

blue 2013 7min

Who is He  2013 4:46min

Paradizn' 2012 4:09min