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Artist Statement

   As an artist, I am captivated by the unordinary and magical, the unexpected and unpredictable, and I use these fascinations in my art to transport the viewer to other worlds- fantastical realms where caricatures come to life.  My interests also lie in making work that is situational and distinctive, flecked with irony and wit, as I am particularly intrigued how these devices can provoke thought on contemporary issues. Through the explicit use of characterization, I follow specific trajectories of energy that break down societal norms and highlight unconventional parts of relationships. My intentions of sparking curiosity and confronting preconceived notions are continuously explored through the depths of conversation between movement, sound, theatricality, and performer.

My work is inspired by an array of ideas and topics; specifically, the relationship of performer to music, the unknown and other-worldly concepts, and the psychology behind human nature’s approach to culture and society. Typically, the artists that I collaborate with and the unique essence they bring to the work perpetually invigorates my creative drive. It is my priority to actively pursue collaborations with other artists that will lead to the creation of thought-provoking and innovative art.

Working collaboratively allows me to remain open to new and unexpected discoveries made during the creative process. I value the perfect imperfections and “mistakes” as they sometimes lead to more organic and interesting choices. My aesthetic, at times hyper specific, incorporates quirky syncopation, beautifully grotesque shapes, and unpredictable virtuosity. Creating movement tailored to the dancer while simultaneously blending my distinctive style is something I value.

     As a female artist in today’s political, social, and cultural climate, I value the important and obligatory role I play in shaping the way women’s narratives are portrayed. Ultimately, my goal is to use this vehicle of movement as a mirror for humanity to reflect each other with greater empathy.

                                                                             -annalee traylor